Staff Profile: Heather Puri

Staff Profile: Heather Puri

Heather Puri, Consulting Analyst at TRG ArtsHeather Puri


What I work on

My role as a consulting analyst involves digging into our clients’ data to find out where they are in regards to best practice. For new clients, this serves a baseline starting point for our work and allows the consulting team map out the areas that we’ll address in the consulting relationship. A lot of our clients are doing a great job, and I help find indicators of how they can be even better. I also work on pricing, digging into data to help rescale and rework client pricing plans. And, I run consulting sprints for annual fund, subscription, and single ticket campaign planning.

How your career has evolved

I never thought I would choose the arts as a career. I started out in math and sciences, but I wasn’t happy in my study and after exploring a number of areas, I found theatre. I’ve put my finger in everything there is to do in theatre—from acting to playwriting to directing to design. I took a theatre management class and it changed my life – I could have a career in arts and work with numbers too. I became the company manager at McCarter Theatre and I realized I needed to know more about business, and enrolled in Wisconsin School of Business MBA with a focus in arts administration. Afterward, I became the Marketing Director for Childsplay, Inc., where I had my first experience with TRG as part of the Arizona community database. I was struck by the tools and counsel that TRG provided for its clients and I knew I had been part of this team.  I applied for the Associate Consultant role and for the last three years, I’ve been working with our data services clients and recently I’ve grown into the Consulting Analyst role.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Two parts, first: I love digging into the data so that it can tell a story. A few months ago, I was working on patron loyalty metrics for a client and I noticed that single ticket households grown by 11%, but revenue hadn’t budged. I looked at how many tickets each household was buying, and found that they weren’t retaining those newbies. I get a kick when data speaks to me that way. I’ve always been a storyteller, whether it’s as an actor or director, or an analyst. Now I tell the story with data.

Second: I now have clients that I have worked with for years and I love seeing consistent improvements. For example, before we started working with one of our ballet clients, they had typically met subscriber goals in November. We’ve now worked with them for years and this year, they met their subscriber goals in August, two weeks earlier even than the previous year. 

What do you love about the arts?

I am an absolute theatre lover. I love the way it tells a story. At TRG, I work with symphonies, ballets, and jazz. I’ve actually made a point to go and experience those art forms. What I find amazing about all art is that it can bring out emotion in a person in ways that nothing else really can.  It invokes a primal part of us that needs creativity to flourish. It just makes you think and feel in ways that nothing else can.

Posted December 15, 2014

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