Staff Profile: Nariman Tulepkaliev

Nariman Tulepkaliev, Senior Analyst at TRG Arts Nariman Tulepkaliev

Senior Analyst



What I work on

My primary responsibility is the Next Gen project. Next Gen is the next generation of TRG software that will help us to collect data more efficiently and produce better analytics results for clients. I am currently in the process of defining technology requirements for the different stages of Next Gen. I am responsible for developing modules and products that will eventually become the basis for all of TRG’s data-related activities.

How my career has evolved

I graduated from the Air Force Academy of Ukraine as an electronics engineer. After my discharge from the military, I started working in the civilian arena implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. In 2003, we moved to Colorado Springs to work with Dish Network on financial data. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with an MBA . I started with TRG Arts in November of 2012.

What I enjoy most about working at TRG

It’s a great team. The tasks are challenging, but we’re never intimidated. I like to be involved with projects that make business processes more efficient, and the Next Gen project is going to be a huge improvement. I like working with data analysis—seeing what’s going on in a business and how can we improve it.

What I love about the arts

My mom is a music teacher in a conservatory and my dad is a conductor of a theatre orchestra. I never learned any instrument though—I was resistant. But I do love to sing. I have sung for many years in the church choir and I love classical music. Working in the arts doesn’t mean you have to work directly with art. In many ways, my current position is more about numbers than it is about the arts. However like anywhere else, numbers help arts to excel and I’m glad to take part in this process.

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