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Jill Robinson, President and CEO at TRG ArtsJill Robinson


What I work on

With a firm that now manages 1,200 clients (and counting), I spend most of my time managing the company day to day, focusing on strategy and operations. I lead new business development for the firm, including our work with museums and attractions. We are applying our nearly 20 years of experience with performing arts organizations to museum clients and seeing big results. We're seeing additional new business development in the commercial entertainment space, which is fun to see take hold and grow.

How my career has evolved

In one way, I’ve grown from being student to teacher. As a young professional working for an arts organization, I was a student of all of the leaders in the field. I held leadership positions in small organizations from my early career, and I was also one of TRG’s first 5 clients. When our clients say “I feel this or that”, I remember how it was. Over time, I’ve had a set of experiences that enables me to teach, and enables TRG to lead.

What I enjoy most about my work and the arts

The ever-changing nature of TRG as a firm and the arts industry as a field invigorates me. I enjoy growing small businesses into larger businesses. I like seeing people grow—in their capacity to lead, to work, and to create change. I also enjoy our clients. I’m an arts and culture geek. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with these organizations that do this amazing work. I love having a backstage pass and insider’s perspective on the arts.

Biography: Jill Robinson

Jill Robinson is a true believer in the power of arts and culture to transform individuals and communities. She also holds the belief that financial success enables organizations to do more of the vibrant, creative work they were designed to do.

Driven by this belief, Jill was an early adopter of TRG’s services in 1995, joined TRG in 1998 and quickly became an owner and company President working alongside founder and CEO, William “Rick” Lester. Together, they grew the firm from a marketing consultancy focused on symphony orchestras to a data-driven consulting firm that engaged across the North American performing arts sector. TRG also became the leading provider of community-wide data sharing networks across the US.

After Rick’s untimely passing in 2013, Jill now drives TRG’s ambitions to help make sustainable change happen in the international arts and cultural sector. TRG’s insights, tools, teaching, and hands-on support help clients achieve their biggest goals, and the firm has now served more than 1,200 clients of all genres throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and now the United Kingdom. TRG’s new team in the UK also provides support for the arts sector by facilitating major cross-industry conferences and providing subsidized support services to the UK’s leading campaigning body for public funding of culture, the National Campaign for the Arts.

Jill serves as TRG’s lead consultant and innovation catalyst. Her work has spanned successes among organizations of different budget sizes, genres and in all countries in which TRG operates, including with the Kennedy Center, Guthrie Theater, National Ballet of Canada, Vancouver Opera, and the Museum of Pop Culture (formerly Experience Music Project). She also leads executive masterclasses and intensives across the UK. Her consulting work has generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue—earned and contributed—for orchestras, opera, dance, and theatre companies, museums, arts centers, and festivals. A futurist at heart, Jill seeks to provide the field with the adaptive strategies it needs to remain relevant to the arts patrons of today and tomorrow. Recently, her work has focused on helping launch TRG’s new Center for Results professional development curriculum; Jill is also developing results-oriented strategic business planning programs that help leaders execute on a strategic vision.

Jill regularly inspires arts and cultural professionals at industry conferences world-wide. She serves as TRG’s master teacher, leading workshops, webinars, and writing blog posts on Analysis from TRG Arts. She serves on the board of Southern Methodist University’s National Center for Arts Research and the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region. She is adjunct faculty at the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University, where she teaches the Marketing the Arts course.

Jill earned her MBA from the University of Colorado, and a Professional Direct Marketing Certification from the University of Missouri. Prior to TRG, Jill served as marketing director for several American orchestras, including those in Milwaukee and Kansas City.

Upcoming Events


Ticketing Professionals 2017 - March 16-17, 2017; Birmingham, UK

No Boundaries 2017 - March 28-29, 2017; Manchester & Hull, UK

National Alliance of Musical Theaters (NAMT) Spring Conference - March 28-April 1, 2017; Los Angeles, CA


Professional Development Workshops

Killer Group Sales Campaigns - July 14, 2017; Online

Measuring What Matters: Building my Report Toolkit - August 7, 2017; San Diego, CA

Sales and Service on Steroids - August 7, 2017; San Diego, CA



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