Sales and Service on Steroids at the TRG Arts Center for Results

Sales and Service on Steriods

Monday, August 7, 2017

San Diego, CA (half day 9am-12pm)

Turn your box office into a revenue engine. Learn how to lead and incentivize your box office team to grow loyalty and revenues from every transaction. You’ll leave with a practical training toolkit to train new box office staff in customer service, including alignment around core messaging, problem solving customer service complaints, patron engagement from first to last interaction and more.

You’ll also leave with:

• Direction on how to inspire and incentivize your box office team to move patrons up the loyalty continuum
• Ideas for boosting patron retention and for upgrading relationships
• Ways to help your team take ownership of their role in the larger organizational strategy.

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Fee: $500

Registration is limited for this event. Book early to avoid disappointment. Price is subject to change.

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San Diego, CA - Exact location TBC

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