Pricing Sprint

Pricing & Demand Management Sprint 

Achieve maximum revenue by curating prices to patron loyalty and demand

From the viewpoint of a patron or visitor, the choice of program, admission time, seat or series is an expression of what they value and actively choose to invest in. In arts consumer terms, that’s the essence of demand. It can be measured, studied, and developed into a successful pricing strategy. The patron gets what their heart desires at a price they are willing to pay. Your organization earns the maximum revenue possible on every transaction. This kind of win-win pricing strategy is just what a TRG Pricing & Demand Management Sprint is designed to deliver for your next season or series of programs.

TRG’s Pricing & Demand Management Sprint is customized to your data and circumstances and designed to take the guesswork out of pricing decisions. It puts to work in your organization the proven strategies that have fueled TRG client successes for two decades. You’ll have at your side consulting expertise from the firm that pioneered demand management principles and tactics like dynamic pricing–now updated for greater success and easier implementation.

The Pricing & Demand Management Sprint gets you ready to implement immediately. Your Pricing & Demand Management Sprint action plan will be tailored to your operations, built to fortify your expertise, and able to honor all that your patrons value while optimizing your earned revenues.

Ideal for:

Executive, marketing and sales office executives who want to start now to:

  • Tie down a successful strategy for an upcoming season or series or programs.
  • Right-size prices that may be too high or too low
  • Turn around the appearance of poor attendance
  • Get expert professional development that gets results and boosts in-house capabilities
  • Refresh potentially outdated scale-of-house plans, pricing, and inventory strategies
  • Deploy new, updated dynamic pricing techniques
  • Seize every opportunity to price for high demand events and occasions
  • Find revenue increases from ticket, admission, or subscription sales.

How it Works

TRG’s Pricing Sprint is a collaboration between you and TRG’s expert consulting team that occurs well before your new season launch or on-sale date. We work together over a six - to eight-week period that starts with planning and culminates in a one and a half day intensive session in our Colorado Springs offices.

First, you’ll collect reports and data from your system, and we’ll guide you step-by-step through this important information-gathering phase. Once your information is checked and on-boarded at TRG, our team prepares analysis that discovers where opportunities exist and challenges need to be overcome. Then, we meet in an intensive workshop setting.

We’ll bring to our work session your custom version of TRG’s signature demand analysis and findings that will inform scale-of-house (or, scale by day part for museums), price and inventory framework, and price point recommendations. We’ll work beside you to finalize a best practice plan that’s best suited to your organization. You take home detailed plans, information and tools we developed together so that you can achieve internal buy-in and roll-out your pricing strategy masterfully.

The Bottom Line

An investment now in a TRG Pricing Sprint pays off in several ways: 

  • You get a data-informed understanding and foundational plan to increase revenue whenever and wherever patron demand exists. 
  • You have facts to support critical communications and strategic pricing decisions including those dealing with institutional preference or local pressures for setting actual price points. 
  • You receive tools and counsel that all colleague departments can follow to optimize revenue and help your events look and feel desirable to all who attend – even when attendance is low. 
  • You gain mastery of an arts management skill set that remains the single best way to generate organizational revenue from patrons who value what you do.

Sprint dates and deadlines

2017 session dates:

Pricing Sprints
Sign up by:
Jun 27-28 or 29-30 Mar 20
Jul 4-5 or 6-7 (UK only) Mar 27
Jul 11-12 or 13-14 Mar 31   
Jul 25-26 or 27-28 Apr 14
Aug 8-9 or 10-11 (UK and Colorado) Apr 28 
Aug 15-16 or 16-17 (UK only) May 5 
Aug 22-23 or 24-25 (UK and Colorado) May 12 
Aug 29-30 or 31-Sep 1 (UK only) May 19 
Sep 5-6 or 7-8 May 25 
Sep 19-20 or 21-22  Jun 9 
Oct 3-4 or 5-6  Jun 23 
Oct 17-18 or 19-20  Jul 10 
Oct 31-Nov or 2-3  Jul 24 
Nov 14-15 or 16-17 (UK and Colorado) Aug 7 
Nov 21-22 or 23-24 (UK only)  Aug 14 
Nov 28-29 Aug 17 
Nov 30-Dec 1 Aug 21 
Dec 12-13 or Dec 14-15  Aug 22 

Additional dates and locations may be available upon request. to ask about your needs.

Sprint availability is limited and individual dates may sell out. Register your interest now to assure your spot>>

Pricing Success Stories


New York City Ballet: How NYCB increased revenue by $1.1 million for the
annual production of The Nutcracker by focusing on matching pricing and
demand. More>>


The Cultch: This Vancouver-based multi-disciplinary presenter had a 300
seat venue. Learn how they made every one of those seats count for a blockbuster production. More>>


Lyric Opera of Kansas City: With a new hall opening, the opera company 
faced a dual challengescaling and pricing the hall to maximize revenue 
while retaining its most loyal patrons. More>>

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